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An imaginary message from God:

While you're in time-out, reconnect with your family; come to me in prayer

An imaginary message from God:
While you’re in time-out, reconnect with your family; come to me in prayer
To the Editor:
Thinking about the worldwide pandemic, I was reflecting back on times when God had had enough of the sins of the world and took drastic action to effect a major correction in the behavior of mankind.
It prompted me to write this imaginary conversation.
Enough, already!
And God said, “Enough, already!”  I’m sending you all to your rooms to spend awhile thinking of how you’ve been misbehaving. How you’ve been spending all your time arguing with each other … not cooperating at all … bullying one another … disobeying every one of the Ten Commandments I’ve given you.
When was the last time you crossed the threshold of a church? Have you even been an “etc. worshiper” … Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas? Have you been coming to me, your Father, at all, in prayer to ask for help?
Well, now, when you stay in your rooms, you’ll have plenty of time to come to me in prayer. You’ll also have time to get to know the others in your room, more commonly called “family.”
You’ll have time to share daily devotions and table prayers when you all sit down together for meals. You’ll have time to appreciate each other in a novelty called “conversation.” You’ll have time to listen to each other. You’ll have time to tell each other how much you love them.
During all of this time, I am with you. I would also like to be included in the family conversations. And yes, there will be an end to the time out. And my wish for all of you is that the time out will prove to be beneficial to the family structure and will make every one of you more kind and loving going forward.
Esther Spease Frakes

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