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Letter to the Editor

The Star Herald encourages letters to the editor expressing the opinions of readers and intends to print all letters. Letters not meeting the guidelines will not be printed. The Star Herald will verify the authenticity of all letters. Letters must have the name of the writer, a signature and address. Unsigned letters will not be considered. The Star Herald will edit for grammar, spelling and clarity. We don’t publish letters with offensive language, libelous or slanderous material, or misleading or false information. Letter writers in these cases will be contacted.  The Star Herald will not publish letters written with the sole intent to advertise or serve as a thank-you. Letters with more than 300 words may be edited. The deadline for letters is Monday 10 a.m. In addition to submitting a letter online, they may be delivered or mailed to the editor, Rock County Star Herald, P.O. Box 837, 117 W. Main St., Luverne, MN 56156.



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