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Remember When July 29, 2021

10 years ago (2011)
•Beginning this fall parents of Luverne students will use a new information system to follow their children’s academic progress. The program, Infinite Campus, replaces the former JMC system.
Luverne Middle/High School Principal Ryan Johnson said the data manager system will be easier for parents, students and teachers to use.
“The layout of the new program is more intuitive,” Johnson said, “It’s web-based so anyone can reach it if they have Internet access.”
25 years ago (1996)
•As of Monday, The Pantry Café in downtown Luverne has locked up its doors and boarded up its windows.
The longtime restaurant was best known for its soup and sandwich specials at noon. It was  also a popular coffee stop for downtown shoppers.
50 years ago (1971)
•Miss Rochelle Jeffer, 4, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Jeffer, Route 1, Luverne, found herself literally “up a tree” Thursday afternoon.
Rochelle was staying with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smidstra, when she decided to climb a tree on their yard at 204 Mead Court. Quicker than you could say, “There is nothing like a tree,” Rochelle found her boot stuck between two big limbs.
Grandma and Grandpa Smidstra were unable to free the girl and so the Luverne Police were called onto the scene. Officer Keith Aanenson surveyed the situation and with the aid of Toby Anderson of the Luverne Street Department obtained a wedge-shaped hydraulic jack.
After about a half hour of captivity the tree was finally forced to release the little girl.
75 years ago (1946)
•Old news proved to be good news for Rock county taxpayers this week when it was announced that again, Rock county had the lowest average tax levy in the state.
Rock county has held this honor for many years, but rising costs of government have caused the mill rate to increase to 58.25 or within a fraction of the next lowest county, Murray county, where the mill-rate is now 59.11.
100 years ago (1921)
•Petroleum of a high quality is claimed to have been located on the former Bockwoldt farm in Springwater township, owned by Julius F. Eichner.
T. B. Courthard, a geologist from the Oklahoma and Texas a survey of the Eichner farm says in his report that there is oil at a 600-foot depth, and although he cannot state definitely in what quantities it will be found he is certain that there is enough to make a paying proposition to drill for it.
Mr. Eichner and family moved to the old Bockwoldt farm, on section 22, Springwater, three years ago. From time to time members of the family noticed that the water taken from the well for drinking purposes had a film of oil on it and at times there was so much oil present of the water that it was unfit to drink.
Mr. Eichner, after running down every unnatural clue as to the reason for the oil being on the water, finally decided that the water itself must be running through a basin of oil under ground.
Working on this theory, Mr. Eichner sent samples of the film of oil to the Iowa State experiment station where it was reported that the petroleum was of a high quality, containing paraffine, vaseline, lubricating oil, kerosene and allied compounds.

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