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Remember when?

10 years ago (1995)
The Hills-Beaver Creek school district is considering a $5.5 million bond election to reconstruct and renovate the district’s school buildings.
Lowell Binford is a member of a state property tax reform task force. According to Binford’s research, the 1994 breakdown for local funding (30 percent of the total) of the school district was: 50 percent from farms, 19 percent from businesses, 31 percent from taxes on homes.
The Luverne School Board is discussing a new prospective elementary school site. The group toured a site by Blue Mound Avenue that would require an extension of Veterans Drive.
Engineers found fault with the $16 million Luverne sewer project. A citizen advisory committee hired different engineers, who said the project could be done at a cost of from $3.5 million to $5 million.
Magnolia is planning to pair with Luverne after a referendum there was turned down by voters.oMyrna Nortan, an elementary music teacher, was named Luverne Teacher of the Year.50 years ago (1955)
A six-month old deer is the companion pet of three Van’t Hul children on their farm just west of Beaver Creek. Gerben, Bernard and Sharyl Beth Van’t Hul have had the deer since the tip of his left rear leg was severed by a mower and Mr. Burt Van’t Hul took the fawn to a veterinarian to have the foot repaired and treated. The fawn was bottle-fed by the family. It now roams the fields during the day and comes into the barn to sleep each night with a collie dog and three cats.
A bath house and a sand beach will be put in at the lower lake of the Mound Springs State Park this summer.75 years ago (1930)
A proposal to provide a plat book of Maplewood and other cemeteries of this county, showing the exact location of the graves of each Civil, Spanish-American and World War veteran, was proposed and approved by Dell-Hogan post at the regular meeting.
A petition has been filed with the common council requesting that that body investigate the feasibility of piping spring water from the flowing wells on the Mounds to Luverne for drinking purposes.
F.C. Nuffer’s hardware store at Hills was burglarized at an early hour Wednesday morning and a considerable quantity of hardware merchandise was carried away. This included a number of shotguns, a quantity of shells and a considerable assortment of cutlery and other articles, the total value of which is in excess of $250. It is understood that Sheriff H.R. Ohs secured some clear fingerprints. 100 years ago (1905)
P.N. Gillham has been awarded the contract for building a new steel bridge for the village of Hardwick near the corporation limits northeast of that place. It will have a 30-foot span.
No more noteworthy event in the history of Beaver Creek has, nor probably ever will occur, than that of Saturday evening when the beautiful new school building, erected the past season at a cost of $10,000, was formally dedicated.

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