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April 30 Remember when

10 years ago (2005)
•The Pepsi machine is to blame for a fire that broke out Sunday afternoon at Cozy Rest Motel, Luverne, along South Highway 75. A passerby first reported the machine on fire, and then a neighbor reported the motel was burning.
25 years ago (1990)
•An ordinance requiring the licensing of cats could meet opposition from Luverne residents. The Luverne City Council Monday approved Bill No. 25-90, which requires the licensing of cats and dogs.
50 years ago (1965)
•Ding dong bell, a horse fell in the well. Who pulled him out? The neighbors helped, but the laugh was on the horse. It took five men, all of the Arnold Hansen family, and a tractor and loader to get David Hansen’s horse, Buck, out of a hydrant pit on the Hansen farm Saturday morning.
75 years ago (1940)
•Gasoline prices in Luverne dropped two cents Saturday night to 16 ½ cents per gallon, and will continue indefinitely at that level, dealers stated yesterday.
100 years ago (1915)
•Class of 1915 has 17 members. Ten girls and seven boys will be graduated from Luverne High School this year.

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