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  • October 09, 2017
    To the Editor: The Tri-State Band Festival Committee would like to salute the Luverne community for the overwhelming support and participation in the 67h Annual Tri-State Band Festival. This event would not happen without the involvement, commitment and energy of businesses, organizations and individuals in the tri-state region. We would like to specifically acknowledge the tremendous…
  • By Brenda Winter, columnist
    October 03, 2017
    It’s time for my annual CT scan to confirm that the anal cancer I was treated for a year ago is still gone. I had a simple question. “How much is this scan going to cost?”  My annual deductible has kicked in again, which means the first $10,000 of this year’s post-cancer surveillance spending is on my dime. You read that right. $10K. That number is why small business owners, farmers and other…
  • By Katie Baustian, Luverne School Board member
    September 26, 2017
    With the new school year off to a successful start, now is a good time to talk about the school board’s long-range plan to meet the facility needs of students, teachers and the community. Luverne School District residents will decide whether to move forward with the school district’s building improvement plan on Nov. 7. It is important that district residents are familiar with what is included in…
  • By Betty Mann, President, Rock County Historical Society
    September 26, 2017
    The following appeared in the Rock County Herald on October 16, 1931, and is the second in a series about Luverne's Rock River bridge. Sen. Schall, after a brief statement concerning good roads, gave a political speech lasting an hour and a half. The following is the first part of this speech. Southwestern Minnesota’s most prominent trunk highway improvement—the re-routing of No. 9 east of…
  • By Brenda Winter, columnist
    September 12, 2017
    My husband, youngest daughter and I arose early that morning. Our mission for the day was to drive to Beatrice, Nebraska, to view the total eclipse of the sun scheduled to happen there around noon. NASA promoted the event like this: “On Monday, Aug. 21, 2017, all of North America will be treated to an eclipse of the sun. Anyone within the path of totality can see one of nature’s most awe-…
  • By Betty Mann, President, Rock County Historical Society
    August 22, 2017
    The following appeared in the Rock County Herald on October 8, 1926:   CROW HUNTERS FAIL TO BAG MANY BIRDS   Total of Only 103 Crows Killed in First Crow Hunt Staged by Local Izaak Walton League   LOSING TEAM TO GIVE WINNING TEAM A FEED   Second Hunt will be Staged Next Month, When it is Hoped More Favorable Weather Will Prevail.   A total of one hundred three crows were killed in the three-day…
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