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school buses

  • By Sgt. Troy Christianson, Minnesota State Patrol
    April 10, 2024
    Question: I am puzzled as to why seat belts are mandatory in vehicles along with a fine for not complying, but our precious cargo in school buses are not required to wear them? Answer: School buses are one of the safest modes of transportation even without seatbelts. School buses are safer because of their large size and design. School bus interiors are designed on “compartmentalization”, which…
  • By Sgt. Troy Christianson, Minnesota Highway Patrol
    October 26, 2021
    Question: I drive school bus and am a retired firefighter. Recently one of our buses was stopped – eight ways on, stop signs deployed – when two fire apparatus approached red lights and sirens. The apparatus did not slow and sped past the bus. I’ve always said regardless of what type of emergency vehicle, they must stop and wait for the school bus driver to shut down the eight ways (indicating…
  • By Sgt. Troy Christianson, Minnesota Highway Patrol
    August 25, 2020
    Question: I was told the fine for passing a school bus, when the red lights are activated and the stop arm is extended, had recently increased. Answer: State law requires all vehicles to stop for school buses when the bus driver activates the flashing lights and has the crossing arm fully extended. Red flashing lights on buses indicate students are either entering or exiting the bus. In 2017, the…
  • By Sgt. Troy Christianson, Minnesota Highway Patrol
    October 29, 2019
    Question: As we are ending the motorcycle season, I heard of an individual near Rochester who was killed by going off the road and striking a sign head on. He was not wearing a helmet. Being an individual who has been in a motorcycle accident with the helmet likely saving my life, why are helmets not required in the state of Minnesota for all two- and three-wheel bikes? Answer: There is not a…
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