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  • September 13, 2023
    Lush green grass suddenly appeared on the boulevard of the parking lot on West Main Street near the library last week. The installation of sod, Sioux quartzite boulders and landscape vegetation is part of the city’s overall aesthetic improvements of downtown corners and streetscapes. The new greenspace also houses one of six artist-created 7-foot-tall nutcrackers in downtown Luverne. This one was…
  • By Brenda Winter, columnist
    April 04, 2023
    Like most of you, I have an opinion about the proposed 75-foot-tall plastic nutcracker intended to enhance tourism by drawing travelers off I-90. My opinion is, “Not in my back yard!” However, I live on the north end of Luverne and the nutcracker will be on the south end of Luverne, so it won’t be in my backyard. Therefore, I’m good with the whole plan. I’ve learned a great coping skill from my…
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