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Kracht Siblings race on same track on same night

Lead Summary
Jason Berghorst

When looking at local dirt track racing results, it’s not unusual to see the name Kracht published in the newspaper.
Just this week, four different Krachts raced in three different classes at Rapid Speedway in Rock Rapids.
What is unusual is that three of those racecar drivers are siblings.
 Thomas, Katie and Kaden Kracht, the children of Luverne’s Pete and Tammy (Kruger) Kracht, shared the same track for the first time Friday night.
Thomas, 22, raced in both the Hobby Stocks and Stock Car classes.
Katie, 21, competed in her first races of the season in Hobby Stocks.
Kaden, 14, is racing in his first full season and competes in the Sportsman’s class.
“It’s exciting to have them all racing on the same night,” Tammy said. “It’s hard to stay calm.”
 It’s fair to say racing comes naturally to all three Krachts. Both of their parents raced in the past, as have many uncles and other family members.
Pete raced for over 20 years and Tammy competed at local tracks for eight years.
“Actually I did borrow Katie’s car in 2016. It was my first time back in the car and I won the heat and feature that night,” said Tammy proudly.
All three Kracht kids started racing when they were young.
Thomas began at 14 years old, Katie was 15 when she started, and Kaden was only 13 when he competed for the first time in Rock Rapids last summer.
“He’s the youngest one on the track,” Thomas said of Kaden, an incoming freshman at Luverne High School. “He’s learning as he goes and is a lot calmer out on the track.”
Katie raced during high school and college, scheduling racing around volleyball and softball games.
“Dad got us started right away,” she said.
According to the Krachts, starting racing at a young age has its benefits.
“You have more time to work on the cars before you get a real job,” Thomas joked.
The pride in the family legacy of racing is clear to see.
“All of our cars are red and we all have No. 15,” Katie said.
“Pete started the No. 15 red car many years ago,” Tammy added.
Thomas said he’s learned a lot from his parents and uncles during his eight years of racing.
“Once you get out there, you kind of get hooked,” he said. “That’s true for all of us.”

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