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Star Herald applauds 'color, creativity and character' Luverne's Trunk N Treat

Star Herald Editorial

The Star Herald will send its photographers into the streets — or just Main Street, actually, — on Halloween to capture the color, creativity and character of Luverne’s 18th annual Trunk N Treat adventure.
By the time our readers turn to this page of their print edition, Main Street will be packed with parents and children, most of them in costume, making their way up one side and down the other of the three blocks closed off for the event.
Thousands of pieces of candy are dispensed to hundreds of children, from the back ends of dozens of pickups and SUVs.
And it is always a remarkable sight to behold, on many levels.
For one thing, it puts all the trick-or-treaters in the same place at the same time for their costumes to be displayed to each other and to others participating downtown.
For those who care about the latest in Halloween trends, it’s a great opportunity to enjoy the Halloween “parade” that they can’t enjoy during typical trick-or-treating in neighborhoods all over town.
Also, for those who enjoy people-watching, it’s a great time to observe interactions between the young ghosts and goblins who bump into each other and recognize faces behind masks and friends in princess gowns.
Parents have also been great about dressing the part, often coordinating their grownup costumes with their kids’ décor. For example, Cat Woman may accompany a child wearing kitten whiskers and fuzzy ears.
If this isn’t entertaining enough, many participating businesses go out of their way to outdo each other for best Trunk N Treat setup.
The talent and creativity that go into the displays are truly remarkable and definitely worth the trip downtown, even for those who don’t have trick-or-treating children.
Kudos to the Luverne Chamber for coordinating the event and to participating businesses for sponsoring the safe and entertaining venue for our signature Halloween celebration.
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