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Sports assignment brings love of The Game back to life

Lead Summary
Mavis Fodness, reporter

When I was growing up and doing chores around the family farm, a radio would often be heard in the dairy barn.
WNAX out of Yankton, South Dakota, frequently broadcast the play-by-play of the Minnesota Twins games.
Through the mid- to late 1970s I heard the names of future Hall of Famers Tony Oliva, Rod Carew and Bert Blyleven as they came to the plate or played a great defense.
Hearing those games as a child fueled my love for the game later in life.
For years I was on local women’s softball teams and absolutely loved playing the games.
Recently I was reminded of those days of listening to the Twins games on the radio as I volunteered to be the sports photographer this summer.
That meant regularly attending home games of the Junior and Senior Legion teams as well as the Redbirds.
I don’t think I’ve had more fun working an assignment.
The task became even more fun when I could shoot photos from the dugouts.
The close proximity to the playing field also brought back memories of my playing days.
…freshly mowed grass, the sound of the ball hitting a leather glove, conversations between teammates.
I could feel the excitement as the home team hit a long ball to the outfield or when a ground ball bounced through the infield.
I admit I’ve missed photographing some good plays because I was too busy watching and enjoying the game.
This week Luverne will host the State Legion Baseball Tournament.
As hosts, the Luverne Senior Legion team earned an automatic berth in the tournament.
The action begins Friday and goes through Sunday.
I encourage everyone to take in a game at Redbird Field in Luverne sometime this weekend.
Enjoy the outdoors, buy snacks from the concession stand, and embrace the joys of youth baseball.
Adding to the excitement at the Legion tournament is that each of the 14 games will have local musicians or singers performing the National Anthem.
Organizer Janine Papik spent weeks arranging the local talent. She said some of the performers will surprise you with singing or playing an instrument.
One person who won’t be singing the National Anthem would be me — I have no positive memories of singing publicly that I want to relive.

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