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It's the law, not a suggestion

Evan Verbrugge, Rock County Sheriff

 Recently I was asked about whether a semitrailer can park on the streets in a residential area.  We have been noticing more and more individuals are doing this, and it actually goes against the City of Luverne Ordinance.
According to Ordinance SEC. 9.30 TRUCK PARKING.
•Subd. 1. It is unlawful to park a detached semitrailer upon any street, City-owned parking lot, or other public property, except on streets as specifically designated by the Council by resolution.
•Subd. 2. It is unlawful to park a semitrailer, truck trailer, or box whether or not attached to a truck-tractor or to its original chassis, within a residential district zone, except for the purpose of promptly loading or unloading the same.
We have seen a few drivers starting to park their semitrailers in the residential area, so now you know the ordinance.  We ask that if you are a driver, to please park in an area of town that allows parking, such as the BP gas station, the lot south of Blue Stem, or any other truck parking lot in Luverne. Unfortunately, Law Enforcement will be issuing citations for this violation as it is against City Ordinance.
If you have questions about this ordinance, please contact me at 507-283-5000 or via email at

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