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Flu drives week's fashion choices

The Northview
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Brenda Winter, columnist

I’m not a fashion diva, and never has that been made more clear than last week when I – like many in Rock County – slogged through the first week of 2022 with a case of the flu.
I felt fine Sunday morning, but I opted not to attend church because my husband had been feeling poorly for a few days. Our community’s new-found sense of health caution made me decide against sharing the germs from our house.
By bedtime I was sicker than a dog – which may have been a result of watching the Vikings play – but was likely due to the fact that it was “my turn.”
Monday, shaking with fever, I wrapped myself in the beautiful, fuzzy, brown bathrobe that my late father-in-law gave me the Christmas before he died. It became the foundation piece for my wardrobe for most of the week.
Wednesday, during a moment of just wanting to feel normal, I actually got dressed – donning my favorite pair of stretchy camo pants from Costco, pairing them with a leopard print, long-sleeved T.
The blend of patterns made me observe that I looked like one of my granddaughters who often blend unicorn prints with rainbows and butterflies and look adorable.
Though not using the word “adorable,” our still-visiting 27-year-old daughter noted that people’s fashion sense is often “eclectic” at both ends of the human lifespan.
I was too weak to punch her in the arm. 
Sometimes the big, fuzzy robe was too warm, so I exchanged it for the lovely, gray-plaid wrap that my son and his wife gave me this Christmas.
I felt the gray plaid brought a modern twist to the camo/leopard look, and the white Kleenex in my hand served as a nod to tradition.
I prefer more neutral colors so I just allowed my throbbing red eyes to serve as the “pop of color” for all of my outfits.
Friday I considered my plush, pink-plaid pajamas, my brown, fuzzy robe, and the black headband keeping my frazzled hair off of my face and thought, “I’ve been on and off of this couch for six days. I’m really, really sick of being sick, but I have to admit – it does feel good to look good.”
Maybe I’m more of a diva than I think?

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