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Fact or social media chatter?

At the end of the day, we're grateful for two opportunities for fireworks at fabulous local celebrations

Congratulations to our Fourth of July Committee and the Cardinal Pride Committee for their work with the Luverne Chamber and CVB to secure fireworks for our summer celebrations.
Fireworks are expensive and sometimes difficult to secure, but we can be grateful we’ll enjoy two great shows this summer — one on the Fourth of July at The Lake and another at the Luverne City Park for the Cardinal Pride all-school reunion Party at the Park on July 16.
In the process of planning fireworks for the two events, discussion arose about parking safety for the July 4 event, and someone misconstrued that the event was being moved to a different location and/or a different date.
Almost overnight, social media “blew up” with comments that fanned the flames of confusion and misplaced indignation. “How dare they move fireworks from July 4 to a different date?” “Why are donations for the July 4 fireworks being spent on the July 16 fireworks?” Many remarks were directed at the Chamber office, which is now in the position of trying to set the record straight.
Maybe we can help:
•July 4 festivities will include July 4 fireworks, per tradition.
•July 16 fireworks at the park are in addition to, not instead of July 4 lake fireworks.
•July 4 fireworks were purchased with donations to the July 4 fireworks.
•July 16 fireworks were purchased with donations to the July 16 fireworks event.
Maybe we could also gently suggest that questions be directed personally to those with answers — perhaps donors, fireworks professionals, committee leaders or — more obviously — chamber staff.
Had Chamber staff members been asked directly (and listened to sincerely), they may have avoided being the target of misinformed and harsh online criticism.
Now, at a time when these same community leaders are busy planning our great summer celebrations, their attentions are diverted to undoing the damage of thoughtless social media chatter.
We hope those who participated in this reckless (or inaccurate) dialogue will opt for a better mode of communication in the future.
And kudos once again to the folks who are sincerely working on the summer celebrations that make Luverne a great place to celebrate holidays and come home to for reunions. We are grateful for your efforts.

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