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Voices of our Readers March 3, 2022

Kracht: 'When we got to vote in November, do some research on the people running ...'
To the Editor:
What is happening in Ukraine is a terrible thing, but let’s not let it distract us from the things going on in our own country.
As I follow the stories on the Russian collusion hoax, Covid-19, and the Biden administration, it reminds me of the song by Miranda Lambert, “White Liar.” You know the one. “Hey, white liar, the truth comes out a little at a time.” The Russian collusion hoax, as we all know now, was a blatant lie. Now we know the Hillary Clinton campaign paid a law firm and big tech to spy on the Trump campaign and later to spy on a sitting president while he was in office. The Clintons covered their tracks very well, but like the song, the truth is coming out a little at a time. Seems a lot like the Watergate scandal, doesn’t it?
On the Covid front, suddenly states are dropping mask mandates and opening things up. The CDC is admitting they didn’t release all the data on Covid and the vaccine. Dr. Fauci has all but disappeared. What changed? The science didn’t change. The politics changed. The politics changed because the Democrats are seeing what is coming in the 2022 elections. They are seeing the polls on this administration, and know they are in big trouble. The polls say 37 percent of the people approve of the job Biden is doing. Who are these 37 percent? As we watch them steer the country off a cliff, these 37 percent are either lying or blind.
We now know that masks and lockdowns were virtually ineffective. Did you happen to watch the Super Bowl? Everyone was supposed to be masked. Yet the celebrities, politicians, and the mayor of L.A. were there without masks. Oh yeah, he holds his breath when not wearing one. I think he has a new world record. The doctors and scientists who spoke out against Dr. Fauci were silenced, but now we know he was involved in funding the Wuhan lab, and he lied about it. Again, the truth comes out a little at a time.
To the people who voted for this idiot and his administration, is this what you voted for? The highest inflation in 40 years. Energy prices out of control. Increased crime. Illegal immigration at record highs. The uncontrolled flow of drugs coming across our border. The Afghanistan exit disaster. Law enforcement under attack. On the brink of war with Russia. No? Then you were lied to. Do you think the people who are going to run for office will lie to you again? Even at the local level, has anyone asked the people’s opinion before spending your money on various projects? We are supposed to be for the people, by the people.
When we go to vote in November, do some research on the people running for office. Who are they, what do they stand for or against, what is their voting record on the issues, and who is funding them? You may be surprised.
Mert Kracht, Luverne
Editor’s note: Letters to the Editor on the Star Herald opinion page are the views of the authors, stated as opinion (not necessarily as fact) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Star Herald.
Welches: 'A great town, a great school with great people'
To the Editor:
My wife and I are both graduates of LHS class of 1980, Mickey and Pam (Nath) Welch. We found out that the girls had qualified for the state tournament and though living in South Dakota we looked up the website to be able to stream the hockey game.
We are proud of the efforts these young women and future leaders asthey demonstrated tenacity and phenomenal skill against a team thatacross the board had more years of experience.
Luverne has always demonstrated community pride and so much of that is based on the Cardinal exploits and how much the community is involvedwith the school system.
The team and the pep band represented Luverne very well anddemonstrated community pride. We are proud to maintain our connectionsto the school where we graduated. Living out of the area, we thought itwas important that these young women and men of the hockey teams andband put Luverne out there in such a positive manner. A great town, a great school with great people.
Mic and Pam Welch
Yankton, South Dakota

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