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Voice of our Readers July 20, 2023

Frakes: 'Two-letter word'
To the Editor:
We’ve been seeing and hearing a lot about abortion these days. They talk about the fact that a woman should have the right to control her own body, but the real fact is that abortion is a reward to a woman who couldn’t control her body.
I know that it hasn’t been that long ago that we thought storks brought the babies, but modern science has figured out the whole process now right up to when the eggs meld and that first spark of humanity takes place. Since science has figured this out, of course it has also figured out numerous ways to prevent the process in the first place. The women know this. Heck, a simple two-letter word even comes to mind.
Another fact that they don’t mention is men. Men contribute to one half of this process and should be held accountable also. At least they know who they are.
Bill Frakes,
Kienholz shares reflective poem about The Child's Remembrance Garden in Luverne
To the Editor:
My daughter, Alyssa, took a creative writing class at the University of Nebraska Omaha last year.  I wanted to share this reflective poem she wrote about The Child’s Remembrance Garden in Luverne. 
We have watched this project from its early stages because we walk the trail daily when the weather permits. It is right by our neighborhood and it has been amazing to see how the clearing of trees, dirt work, and progression of the beautiful garden took shape.  The transition is so exquisite and located in a very quiet, peaceful area that allows people to stop and reflect on all these amazing children who were taken from this earth too soon. Take a moment to stop, reflect, shed a tear, or say a prayer and be at peace.
Thanks to the City of Luverne and all the devoted board members who made this happen. It certainly takes a village to work together and find a way to create something so heartfelt and that touches so many people.  The donations came in and many more will be ongoing to enhance and add to what is already in place.
We were excited to attend the dedication of The Child’s Remembrance Garden last year. If you have not had a chance to see it, make sure to head up to the north end of town on the walking path and see for yourself.  It is beautiful.
Patty Kienholz,
The Child’s Remembrance Garden, 1:00 p.m.
Alyssa Kienholz
The sun is glistening brightly in the sky.
Nothing can hide God’s light.
I walk along the winding path of the serene garden,
Surrounded and framed by black and gray rectangular bricks.
The engraved names on the bricks captivate me, as I focus on each child’s name,
Each precious life never to be forgotten.
All these children who have died too soon.
I feel the pain of heartfelt tears and aching hearts for all the families left behind.
I am filled with grief and say a quiet prayer for the losses endured.
The bubbling, clear water is soothing and beautiful
as it lightly splashes from the uniquely constructed fountain
formed out of large, red Sioux Quartzite rocks.
It is an amazing and tranquil focal point in the garden.
Several red stone benches are exclusively placed in the garden with beautiful sayings and Bible verses given in memory of children by many families or other donors.
The wind wildly blows red, yellow and green leaves to the ground as fast as lightening.
Distinct stones lay on the ground shaped like dragonflies in flight.
A smile forms as I am filled with happiness as I enjoy such tranquility and beauty. 
Praise God for his amazing creation and his eternal love.
My mind envisions God in heaven surrounded by all these miraculous children. 
One day they will be joined together again with their families,
That will be a day they will cherish forever.

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