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Voice of our Readers Jan. 6, 2022

Hudson: Wife loses job over not signing vaccine verification form
To the Editor:
My wife, Robin, was terminated from her position at Minnwest Bank here in Luverne on Thursday the 30th after ten years of loyalservice. She was terminated because she refused to complete the vaccine verification form, as we researched and in our opinion the vaccines and even the testing are harmful. She chose to use her rights, not privileges guaranteed by the Organic Constitution, that everyone has a choice to take the shot ornot to, it is everyone’s right to make that choice. Not any government orcorporation will dictate anything in regards to our health or well being.
They also terminated her one day before she qualified for her 401, and her bonuses. This was about as low as you can get for being a dedicated employee and I hope everyone gives thought as to how much Minnwest Bank thinks of you as a customer. My wife stood her ground against what I would refer to astyrants and I could not be more proud of her for what she has done and I have and will continue to support and stand beside her.
I wish that more people would begin to stand up and say no to all this bureaucratic BS. I want to say that both Issac and Joyce from both banks here in Luverne supported fought for Robin trying to get the termination stopped but to no avail, so to both ofthem Robin and I would like to say thank you. People have to wake up, don’t sit back and let these people tell you what you have to do, research, research, research before you lay down and surrender to everything they are telling youis so good for you. Please look up the Act of 1871.
Randy Hudson

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