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Voice of our Readers Jan. 27, 2022

Vink: 'Thank you, Luverne'
To the Editor:
Luverne — Love the Life! I am grateful for a small city the size of Luverne, yet with its many amenities.
As young parents it was good to raise our children in quality schools and recreation, and soon more child care is coming.
Now as aging people we appreciate its many advantages — the Generations meals, the public wheelchair transportation, ambulance lift assistance. The wider cares — dental and eye care, grocery and drugstore, car care, pool and fitness, the local clinic, hospital, nursing homes, hospice care.
The city includes a variety of churches, and we value online worship. Political diversity — at the last presidential election, the signs in the yards were evenly split.
The downtown is adequate for daily necessities, banking, insurance, and more. The city provides fun celebrations, walking paths, trees, and many services. The extras bring joy, like the library, local newspaper, History Center, Green Earth productions, Palace Theater, and cultural events.
Thank you, Luverne, for being our Home Town.
Janice Vink,
Meinerts: Have you ever thought ...?
To the Editor:
Ever wonder how you would have reacted to the Nazis when they were rounding up people for their concentration camps?
Ever thought about how you would have responded to segregation in America?
Will you have the fortitude to stand up for Jesus when the time comes?
Your response to this Covid nonsense will tell you all you need toknow.
God help America.
Todd Meinerts,

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