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Voice of our readers Jan. 13, 2022

Kracht: 'How about you?"
To the Editor:
2021 is over, but where are we with the Covid-19 pandemic? We are still getting the same confusing, contradictory advice from the same people who have been wrong every step of the way.
Remember the promise from the person who is now in the White House? “We are not going to shut down the economy and the country, we are going to shut down the virus!” He also said, “We are eight months into this pandemic, and Donald Trump still doesn’t have a plan of how to get this virus under control. I do!”
Well, now we know that was a lie. Now he has apparently hoisted the white flag, saying, “There is no federal solution to this pandemic. We will leave it up to the states.” But still trying to push federal mandates. Does any of this make sense?                
Then this geriatric idiot goes on national television, squinting at the teleprompter, and tells us we are in for a winter of serious illness and death. Great Christmas message, genius!
Then there are the things about Covid no one is talking about. The lockdowns didn’t work. The masks didn’t work. The vaccine doesn’t seem to be working very well, either.
There have been more deaths from Fentanyl overdoses than Covid in 2021 between the ages of 18 to 45. Fifty-three thousand from Covid, seventy-two thousand from Fentanyl. Go ahead, fact check it.
Why hasn’t it been reported that more people have died from Covid under this administration than the previous one? Or the fact that more people have died since we have had a vaccine than before we had one? How many so called “Breakthrough” infections have there been in the U.S.? Doesn’t the CDC want the public to know this information? Is it because they have been pushing the vaccine so hard and it doesn’t seem to be very effective?
Remember, we were first told it was 95 percent effective. With a second dose, it would keep you from getting it. Now, get your booster, and you might not get as sick. Does this sound like they are being totally honest with you?
What about natural antibodies from having Covid? Therapeutics for treating Covid, that have been around for years? Well, follow the money. Nobody is going to make millions of dollars from that!
Now we have the new variant, Omicron. Not as deadly, they say, with symptoms being sneezing, runny nose, and headache. We used to call that a head cold.
Don’t get me wrong. Covid is real. I know people who have died or gotten very ill from it. My family and I have had Covid.
With all of this, I have lost all faith in our leadership, government, and our health care system. How about you?                                                                                                           
Mert Kracht,

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