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Voice of our Readers Feb. 3, 2022

Harrison: 'Habitat' is "a fun and rewarding endeavor'
To the Editor:
As some of you know, Lowell and I have been doing Habitat for Humanity builds during our winter travels. It has been a fun and rewarding endeavor.
We have heard a number of heartwarming stories about the homeowners, but we were struck by the one we recently heard in Texas.
The daughter of a recent recipient of a home expressed an interest in helping this year’s family. Her mother suggested she make a wreath for the door. The 11-year-old responded, “I want to buy the door, for I remember how I felt the first time I walked through the door of our new home.” 
She has a business of making decorated cakes and cupcakes, so she saved her earnings, and yesterday the door was delivered by the family.  Bless her heart. 
The family of five children (ages 4-14) is hoping to either foster or adopt children after the current members are older. 
Receiving a Habitat for Humanity home has been a life-changing event for many families. We have been privileged to be a small part of this effort. (FYI The family does pay for the home but, of course, it has a lower cost and is accompanied by a no-interest loan.)
Shirley Harrison,

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