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Radisewitz: Thank you, Luverne, for your support amid pandemic

Voice of our Readers

To the Editor:
These are unusual times. We are learning new ways to deal with lifewhen it throws a curve ball.
I remember listening to my grandparents tell of the Dirty Thirties, the polio epidemic, the difficulties of too wet, too dry, or storms that damage homes and fields. Those were just stories; now here I am experiencing obstacles that will alter the future I had planned.
There are many ways we can deal with these difficulties, but facing it with gratitude is a secret I have learned along the way. So I just want to say “Thank You.” Thank you to my community for the continued support for Luverne’s small businesses.
Yes, it is hard to deal with change. Navigating apath that wasn’t needed before this pandemic now has become our newnormal.
It’s proven that when we are out of our comfort zones, we grow stronger. We grow stronger together … we are not alone. It’s comforting and part of the reason I love calling this community home.
I am grateful to the people who come to my drive-thru with a smile, even after waiting for several minutes to get their coffee or specialty, for the quick stories or jokes to brighten my day, for those who “pay it forward” and surprise the next person in line, for the generosity of extravagant tips that let us know we are appreciated.
For our chamber, city and county officials and other groups and individuals who seek out creative ways to be progressive and show continued support, I am grateful.
Leah Radisewitz
The BeanLuverne 

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