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Letters to the Editor March 17, 2022

Meinerts informs readers of historic event, 'Peoples Convoy'
To the Editor:
Since the Star Herald did not deem the People’s Convoy as newsworthy, I will do my best to inform the readers of this potentially historic event.
Having participated from Beaver Creek to Albert Lea, I can say that seeing so many people waving flags on every overpass and the hundreds of cars waiting to receive the convoy in Albert Lea was an inspirational and heartwarming experience.
It shows that if we do unite, there is hope for America. For those who are interested, there are several live streams going on daily which cover the important stories ignored by the mainstream media. I personally recommend WYSIWYG TV, Oreo Express, and Sasnak on YouTube.*
There are many heartwarming stories of patriotism and community stemming from this convoy and the honorable people within it. It has all been extremely peaceful and law abiding. For those who don’t know, there were, are, and will continue to be meetings taking place between the convoy organizers and our elected officials in D.C.
In true Star Herald fashion, I give our local paper a huge thumbs down for not covering this.
In regard to our mayor’s letter* in the March 10th edition of the Star Herald: It is interesting to see that our democrat-led city is referencing our workforce fleeing to red states.
Maybe it has less to do with schooling opportunities and more to do with freedom. Maybe we should mandate freedom and opportunity as opposed to stifling local small business owners and supporting increased government spending, which seems to be counterproductive.
Todd Meinerts
Editor’s notes:
*WYSIWYG TV is operated by rightwing streamer Christopher Brow who participated in the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. Oreo Express describes itself as “Patriots on the frontline standing against the communist left that is trying to destroy our country,” and Sasnak is a trucker’s social media post.
*The March 10 “mayor’s letter” is a news story about southwest Minnesota mayors organizing to support businesses experiencing labor shortages and to encourage students to study and work in Minnesota.

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