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Coulter: This Memorial Day will be like no others before

Voice of our Readers

To the Editor:
We are approaching a significant national holiday – Memorial Day.
It will be like none other that any of us living have ever seen. PoppyDay has been postponed. Most gravesite ceremonies for our fallenveterans and the laying of wreaths or flag presentations are canceled,including those here in Luverne.
We must not let Memorial Day be justanother day of isolation with no meaning. Those men and women sufferedunimaginable difficulties far greater than what we are now experiencing. Think of Pearl Harbor, Iwo Jima, D-Day, Korea, Vietnam,Afghanistan and Iraq, to name a few. Never should we cease honoringthose who have served and died or those who are today on the frontlines with our civilian emergency medical care workers.
On Memorial Day let's all pause for a moment of silence to honor allwho have served in any armed service to protect us, and in so doingmany gave their lives. We owe a great debt to all service people whoserved from the beginning of our country.
Call a veteran and thank them. Be creative. These people have earned our grateful thanks.
Sondra Coulter, SecretaryAmerican Legion Auxiliary

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