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'The teaching staff of ISD2184 has been nothing short of amazing'

Our teachers deserve recognition for distance learning, tremendous job they do
Craig Oftedahl, Luverne Public Schools Superintendent

Thank you, Luverne teachers!
       During the past six weeks, I have been reminded many times why I became an educator. It has been and always will be about the students for me.
       As a teacher, coach, principal, athletic director, and now as a superintendent, I always wanted students to have better opportunities than I had as a student and participant of extra-curricular activities.
       I knew that I had to inspire, motivate, teach, coach, listen, correct, console, counsel, entertain and guide students every hour I was around them.  I had to have passion, persistence, loyalty, compassion, empathy, toughness, gratitude, forgiveness and collaboration every day I was with students.  That has not changed in 32 years for me as an educator.
       Why do I mention the items above? Because what I look for in teachers are many of the qualities that are listed in the previous paragraph. That is exactly what I have seen during this very difficult situation involving the coronavirus pandemic and distance learning.
       The teaching staff at ISD 2184 has been nothing short of amazing. They have transformed themselves in a short period of time and are making lemonade from lemons.
       The staff has always been good. When I came to Luverne five years ago, I told the staff I wasn’t interested in being good. I wanted us to be GREAT! They took that to heart.
       Even though our current situation was forced, there was no hesitation to hit things head on and do our absolute best.
       They have done that. There are no road maps and no perfect ways to do distance learning. We are learning on the fly. Yet, that is the beauty of our group of teachers. They have embraced the challenge and make wonderful things happen each day. I am extremely proud of their effort.
       Other school personnel and administrators contact me almost daily to see what we are doing and how impressed they are with our plan.
       Our principals have done a tremendous job of leading the charge and the teachers have performed with grace and excellence under extreme pressure.
       During Teacher Appreciation Week this year, I am hopeful that many of you in the community will also see the tremendous job our teachers do every day and that you respect the position of teacher even more than you may have in the past. They are doing the job and doing it well.
       Thank you, Luverne teachers!

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