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Event was more than meeting at the pole

Our young people deserve praise for their positive actions

Last week the Star Herald covered the Luverne Middle School-High School students’ participation in the nationwide event “See You at the Pole.”
The last time such a gathering occurred in Luverne was at the turn of the new millennium, and community members resoundingly indicated it was about time.
Pictures from last week’s brief gathering in front of the middle-high school were posted on our Facebook site, documenting Luverne students joining more than 3 million other students around the world in the global event of prayer.
The social media post struck a positive cord with viewers in record numbers — nearly 19,000 views.
“I applaud the schools and churches for allowing this to happen,” wrote Shane Palmquist. “Unfortunately it’ll be a matter of 3 … 2 … 1 … and someone will complain, and it’ll never happen again. Good job, LHS!!”
The centuries-old debate separating church and state has been misconstrued through the years. Our founding fathers recognized the importance of freedom of religion in our nation and made a no governance provision in the constitution for that freedom.
The Sept. 28 event at our local high school was conducted outside of the school building and the school day. Even though the student-led gathering didn’t need permission from school officials to take place, our young people asked anyway.
The event was intended to promote harmony among youth and encourage one another to step forward to end the recent escalating incidents of hate and violence in our country and in our world.
We at the Star Herald commend these young people. Many will become the future leaders of our country, and these same students may finally be the ones to orchestrate peace in the world.
After all, they have their hearts in the right place.
Maritza Nohemi Gibbs wrote, “This is great to have the next generation take a stand. God bless each one that did it, in a very special way.”
We couldn’t agree more. These people need and deserve our continued support as they mature and establish their place in the world.

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