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trip down memory lane... remember 1977?

Lead Summary
Glenda McGaffee

The 125th anniversary of Hills is next week along with a meet and greet for alumni Saturday, June 13, from 10 to noon at the Hills-Beaver Creek High School.
The Hills Crescent is traveling down memory lane to prepare readers for this event.
This week’s edition highlights the class of 1977.  
The annual staff dedicated the annual to David Shea, band director.
“Mr. Shea has been teaching here for three years, and three very successful years they were,” the annual staff wrote.
“As a teacher and friend he has been a great asset to our school.  We know how many long hours of dedication he spent with the band and the annual staff.”
Superintendent was W.D. Marshall and principals were Greg Spath and Merlin Klein.  
School board members were O. Paul Hougen, Roland Crawford, Irid Eitreim, Dean Greenfield, Gordon Helgeson, Robert Schneekloth and Cornelius Bosch.  
Faculty included Lois Nelson, Ron Solberg, Hugo Goehle, Greg DeWandel, Leon Pick, Greg Ebert, Cindy Ebert, Gearold Van Roekel and Dale Huber.
High school cooks were Eleanor Nelson, Carol Van Maanen and Phyllis Schouwenburg.
Hills-Beaver Creek High School Class of 1977 graduate Eunice Baker Roozenboom was asked the following questions:
What was the best lesson you learned from school not necessarily in academics?
That you get out of life what you put into it and attending a small rural school gave me many opportunities to try many different things.  I also learned that in a small school you find that you didn’t only have great friends in your class but also classes above and below you.
What was your favorite school lunch?
What did do you right after high school?
I worked at the Tuff Memorial Home and then at Tony’s Clover Farm where I helped Tony start his catering business with the chicken broaster in the back of the store.  Who would have known what that little broaster would lead to?
What was your proudest achievement after high school?
My proudest moment has been the achievement that I’ve made as a manager for the USPS. I have had various roles at various levels and have been recognized for my contributions and for my role in developing employees.
Tell us what you are doing now, where you live and about your family?
Dave and I live on an acreage outside of Steen where we love to entertain our family and friends, but especially our grandkids.  
When the weather’s nice, the go-cart is racing and bon-fires are frequent.  We have four children: Alisha (Chris) VanderWal, who live on an acreage west of Hills and have blessed us with four grandchildren; Valerie (Cory) Meinerts, who live in Hills and have blessed us with three grandchildren; Clint (Stephanie) Roozenboom, who live east of Steen; and Kari (Brett) Quall, who live in Sioux Falls. I work for USPS at the Dakotas District Office in Sioux Falls as the district complement coordinator. My duties are to oversee the staffing for the district, which includes Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Northwest Minnesota.

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