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What's on your wish list for Luverne? Part II

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Jason Berghorst, reporter

Two years ago this month, I wrote a column about my Top 5 wish list for Luverne. 
I thought it would be fun to look back at my 2021 hopes for my hometown and see if any wishes had been granted. 
The following made my list two years ago:
5. Dar’s Pizza opening a Luverne location.
4. Kwik Trip coming to Luverne.
3. A larger Lewis Drug in town.
2. A permanent Star Herald sports reporter.
1. A normal school year after 1 1/2 years of pandemic impacts.
I'm happy to report that three of my five wishes have been granted — or will be soon.
A Kwik Trip convenience store will soon be under construction in Luverne. I have to admit, this wish is coming true sooner than I expected. 
 Last winter Greg Hoogeveen started as the Star Herald sports reporter. He’s doing a great job and our sports photos have never been better.
We had an almost completely “normal” school year in 2021-22. In fact, it turned out to be the best year of my career so far. 
Not too bad, right? 
But we can’t get too comfortable. I have wishes yet to be granted. 
So here’s my updated 2023 Top 5 Wish List for Luverne (including the remaining ungranted wishes from the 2021 list): 
5. A larger Lewis Drug in Luverne, similar to the newer medium-sized Lewis Drugs in Sioux Falls. It’s unlikely to happen, but one can wish. 
4. A “Dar’s South” in Luverne or a rebirth, in some way, of the old Smooky’s Pizza. If you believe rumors, this one is possible. 
And now the new wishes:
3. Citywide recycling pickup every Friday. 
I can’t be the only one who struggles to keep track of the correct Fridays and misses recycling day. Or pulls the bin to the street on the wrong Fridays. Or, in the summer especially, is out of town on recycling Friday. Let’s just do every Friday like we do when there’s a fifth Friday in the month. 
2. A restaurant that serves breakfast, especially on the weekends. … A new sports bar opening this fall has me optimistic that we will have more sit-down restaurants open on Sundays. And if we’re lucky, that will again include breakfast options.
1. Continuation of our local institutions. I know this one is rather broad, but my wish really is that Luverne continues to remain vibrant so our local institutions can remain strong. 
Our businesses, organizations, churches and schools need Luverne to continue to be progressive and growth-oriented in order to survive and thrive. I wish for this mindset to continue for years to come. 
I’ll check back in two years and see how my wishes are doing. Meanwhile, what’s on your wish list for Luverne? 

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