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What is Christianity?

Built on a Rock
Pastor Josh Hayden, Living Rock Church, Luverne

What is Christianity?
Is it just a doctrine or your theology?
Is there no need to get up out of your pew or seat? Is there no need to care for the least of these?

What is Christianity?
Is it a Sunday morning symphony?
Where everyone can sing their hymns in harmony? Yet not grow in love and unity?

What is Christianity?
Is it loving your neighbor and the lost?
Is it an energy-packed conference with a high cost? Is it making sure the pastor gets praise and applause?

What is Christianity?
Can we define it in our day and age?
With a post, meme, picture, or phrase?
Is it deeper than what we make it to be with its idiosyncrasies?

What is Christianity?
When we strip it down to the bare bones?
Do you, Christian, know what you know or, no?
Can others see a difference in your life, not just what you post or quote?

What is Christianity?
I’m sure every person might have a different phrase.
Every creed, denomination, or self-proclaimed YouTube prophet may try to persuade. But where can we learn that we are getting the real thing?

What is Christianity?
It is seen in a man from Nazareth who died for you and me.
His life, death, and resurrection, which you can doubt or believe. But he is the radiance, brilliance, and definition of Christianity.

What is Christianity?
It is following the one who called us to follow Him.
To lay aside what we know and learn a new way to begin.

His ways, love, truth, justice, and peace will make you whole again. Christ is Christianity.

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