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Older age is not required for giving back

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Lead Summary
Jason Berghorst, reporter

Another birthday came and went for me this week.
While it wasn’t a “significant” birthday, it provided me with a reminder that I am, indeed, getting older.
I’ve long passed birthdays that allowed me to drive, vote, or drink legally. I’ve even been eligible to run for president for a few years now.
While the number might not matter as much these days, I’m definitely noticing the years passing by. I catch myself acting in ways that I used to consider middle-aged.
One of those ways is giving back financially to my community. I have given regularly to my church since I started working, but I guess I’ve thought giving to other community causes was for “older” people. People with settled careers, a higher income, and their student loans paid in full.
While I’m not sure I can check all of those boxes, I’m happy to report I decided to commit to giving to the Luverne 2184 Campaign (2184 is Luverne’s school district number.)
And I think you should do the same.
If you haven’t heard about it, the Luverne 2184 Campaign is a fundraising campaign begun by the Luverne Education Legacy Fund (formerly the Luverne School Foundation).
In short, funds raised will be used to finish and enhance aspects of the current LHS building project that are over and above what local taxpayers are funding.
The target audience for the campaign is LHS alumni, supporters and businesses that want the finished project to truly be a source of pride for the whole community.
The “Wow!” factor, as Superintendent Oftedahl calls it.
Features such as digital signage, a grand piano in the new performing arts center, enhancements to athletic facilities and an outdoor classroom are all possible.
There will also be an alumni area that highlights the accomplishments of LHS graduates and recognizes all donors who give $2,184 or more to this once-in-a-lifetime project.
While that recognition is not the reason I’ve committed to donating $61 per month for three years, it will feel good to have my name forever on that donor board.
There I go again … sounding older.
And while it has been my pleasure to serve on the campaign planning committee, even that’s not the reason I’ve decided to commit to the cause.
It might just be because I’m getting older.
I’m now interested in giving back to a school that did so much for me as a student and continues to provide so much to me as an employee.
I’m proud to be from Luverne and to be a member of the Class of 1997, and I want to demonstrate that pride in a way that will benefit current and future students.
And I hope you do, too.
Please visit for more information or to sign up to join me in giving back to our community.
No matter how old you are.

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