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Granddaughter's 'rather odd request' deserves recognition

For What It's Worth
Rick Peterson
Rick Peterson, general manager

Today, Thursday, our youngest grandchild, Ellee, turns 6. Like all grandparents, Mary and I are proud as punch of all our grandkids.
Those of us that make up our morning coffee group that are grandparents share stories (brag) about our grandkids at least once a week. Most of the stories are sports-related or how old they are or what grade they are in school, or recently, where they might be going to college.
The story I shared (bragged about) at coffee this week was about Ellee’s birthday party.
Like most 6-year-old girls, Ellee had given a fair amount of thought as to what kind of birthday party she wanted to have. With the Barbie craze going on, one might think the Barbie theme would take center stage, but thankfully that was not the case.
I was sure her party theme request would be balloons, games and inflatables, but once again not the case.
Early on, Ellee knew where she wanted to have her birthday party. One would think maybe Pizza Ranch or Dave and Buster’s, but nope, Ellee’s rather odd request for her birthday party location was at the Hartford Dog Park. I know that threw me for a loop, too.
This past summer Ellee and her 8-year-old sister, Brooke, hosted a couple of lemonade stands, and they decided to use the proceeds from those stands to buy 50 Pup Cups at the Hartford Dairy Queen.
Ellee, with her parents’ help, put together a social media post announcing an open invite to Hartford residents to bring their friendly dog to the Hartford Dog Park on Ellee’s birthday. The first 50 dogs will be treated to a Pup Cup, courtesy of Ellee and Brooke, and Dairy Queen donates the Pup Cup proceeds to the local Animal Rescue. How cool is that?
Did I just do a little proud grandparent bragging? Probably, … but it feels so good.