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1952: Luverne street banner controversy continues

Bits by Betty
Lead Summary
Betty Mann, President, Rock County Historical Society

The following appeared in the Rock County Star Herald on October 30, 1952.
Street Banner Controversy Becomes Election Stimulus
 (This continues a story from last week about a political banner hung over Main Street bearing the words: “The Demos Say ‘You Never Had it So Good.’ Ask The Boys In Korea-Volunteers For Ike.” The banner, according to the 1952 story, provoked “more political comment, good and adverse, than has been heard here in a long time.”)
Motion Made, No Second
It appeared momentarily that they [the city council] might order it taken down, when Alderman Hinkly made a motion to that effect, after mayor Van Roekel told of how he had been “getting plenty of heat on the thing.” However, neither Alderman Rapp or Alderman Maxwell would second it, and Alderman Tuel was in no position to voice a second as he was presiding at the meeting in his capacity as chairman of the council. When it was apparent that a stalemate has been reached, it was recommended that the Civic and Commerce association, because it had been the organization which had originally been given permission to use street banners of this kind for publicizing their function, be given the responsibility of determining what should be done about the present banner, if anything, and to make recommendations as to future use.
The public affairs committee of the C and C, which consists of Dick Creeger as chairman, Otto Bierkamp, H.R. Cleland and Dr. C.L. Sherman, was then summoned to determine what should be done. All except Dr. C.L. Sherman were able to be present, and after discussing the matter, they formulated this statement:
“In as much as the Common Council of the City of Luverne have designated that any and all signs erected across Main street or any other street in Luverne shall be approved only by the Civic and Commerce Association.
“It is recommended to the Council that only public announcements of a civic nature be allowed. It is recommended that any announcements of a controversial nature such as political or religious, or events which will accrue profits to a private enterprise be prohibited.”
This recommendation was turned over to Mayor Van Roekel, who will submit it to the council for action at their next regular meeting.
Banner controversy article continues next week.

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