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1943: Mrs. Charles Brauer's story continues

Bits by Betty
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Betty Mann, president, Rock County Historian

The following article is part of the Diamond Club Member group that began in the January 7, 1943, issue of the Rock County Star Herald. Members of this group consist of persons of age 75 and older.
The following appeared in The Rock County Herald on May 6, 1943.
This is continued from last week’s issue of Mrs. Charles Brauer’s story.
After living there six years, the Brauers moved to Missouri, in a community south of St. Louis, where a man owned considerable land and employed men to help him, furnishing them with homes to live in. Mr. Brauer worked in the woods, splitting rails, receiving $2 a day. Mrs. Brauer earned a little pin money by gathering dewberries and selling garden products to the families who worked in the mines.
Mr. Brauer became ill with malaria there, so they moved to Cedar county, Ia. There Mr. Brauer was employed as a railroad section worker for five years. However, he preferred working on the farm so they moved to Wilton, in Muscatine, Ia., where they obtained an 80 acre tract. They raised quite a few dairy cows, sold their milk, and were able to save some money.
From there, they moved to Rock county, and settled in Springwater township where they bought a farm and lived for 22 years. During those years, Mrs. Brauer states, she worked hard, taking the place of an extra man many times during the busy season. She helped with the chores, and even shocked grain.
About 25 years ago, they retired and moved to town. Mr. Brauer died about three years ago.
Mr. and Mrs. Brauer had three children, only one of whom is now living, Mrs. Meta Weckner of Springwater township. Her other direct descendents include five grandchildren and six great grandchildren.
Mrs. Brauer is a member of St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran church in Luverne and has always been active in the work of the Ladies Aid, although she has never held an office.
Her favorite pastimes include piecing quilts, gardening (in summer) and caring for house plants. She has numerous plants of all varieties, and she enjoys working with them and watching them grow.
She attributes her long life to living on common food, and keeping regular hours.
She is the only one of her family now living, she states, and she was the oldest of all of them. She had one brother and three sisters, and one half-brother and two half-sisters.
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