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1931: Rock County's population grows to 10,962, Luverne at 2,644

Bits By Betty
Lead Summary
Betty Mann, president, Rock County Historical Society

The following appeared in The Rock County Herald on December 18, 1931.
Rock County’s Total Population is 10,962
Second Census Bulletin Gives Detailed Report of 1930 Enumeration; Luverne Has Population of 2, 644
Rock County’s total population is given as 10,962 in the second series population bulletin of Minnesota for 1930, in the 15th census of the United States. The report embodies a detailed tabulation of the number of persons in every city, village and township, segregating the farm from the urban population, and lists the population in every place.
According to the table, there are 6,738 persons residing in the rural districts of the county, this figure representing slightly more than half of the total figure. There are 5,773 of the male sex, 5,189 of the female sex, and 6,219 of the age of twenty-one years and over. The divisions of the county follow:
Battle Plain — Total-504; Male-283; Female-221. Beaver Creek — Total-751; Male-401; Female-350. Beaver Creek Village — Total-224; Male-110; Female-114. Clinton — Total-730; Male-399; Female-331. Denver — Total-475; Male-257; Female-218. Hardwick — Total-247; Male-140; Female-107. Hills — Total-407; Male-195; Female-212. Jasper (Rock Co.) — Total-100; Male-49; Female-51. Jasper (total) — Total-769; Male-386; Female-383. Kanaranzi — Total-558; Male-306; Female-252. Luverne city — Total- 2,644; Male-1,284; Female-1,360. Luverne twp. — Total-503; Male-282; Female-221. Magnolia — Total-416; Male-232; Female-184. Magnolia vil. — Total-240; Male-120; Female-120. Martin — Total-875; Male-481; Female-394. Mound — Total- 463; Male-258; Female-205. Rose Dell — Total- 644; Male-344; Female-300. Springwater — Total-634; Male-339; Female-295. Vienna — Total-547; Male-293; Female-254.
         Nobles county has a total population of 18,618, 10,644 persons being listed among the farm population; Murray county has 13,902, with 10,236 on farms and Pipestone county has 12,238, of which 6,230 are on farms. The city of Worthington shows a figure of 3,878, Slayton, 1,102 and Pipestone 3,489.
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