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1931: Minnesota Highway department to pave 428 miles

Bits By Betty
Lead Summary
Betty Mann, president, Rock County Historical Society

The following appeared in The Rock County Herald on December 4, 1931.
Will Open Bids on New Paving December 22
Eleven Miles on No. 6 from Luverne to Iowa Line is Included in Projects Under Consideration
1932 Program Calls for 428 Miles of Concrete
Paving Luverne to Adrian Link Will Make Continuous Pavement from Cities to Iowa and Dakota Boundaries
Bids on 223 miles of truck highway paving, including eleven miles on No. 6 running south from Luverne to the Iowa line, to be built in 1932, will be opened at the offices of the Minnesota Highway department December 22nd, according to announcement made this week by Commissioner C. M. Babcock.
The list of projects on which bids will be taken at that time constitute more than half of the 1932 tentative paving program. Proposals were opened in November on one hundred miles of hard-surfacing for the coming year.
All the projects on which bids will be considered December 22nd are connecting links between pavements already built, or extensions of existing pavements. The proposed work will complete several important continuous paved routes.
The list includes the following projects:
Paving T. H. No. 6 from Luverne to the Iowa line. No. 9 is now paved from Luverne to the Dakota line, and when the link from Luverne to Adrian is completed, there will be continuous pavement both to the Iowa and South Dakota boundaries on the Sioux Falls and Sioux City routes.
Lake City to Wabasha and Alexandria to Brandon, which will provide continuous pavement on T. H. No. 3 from LaCrosse to Brandon, a distance of 299 miles.
Four jobs on T. H. No. 8, which with sections already completed will make continuous pavement from Bemidji to East Grand Forks.
Paving T. H. No. 15 from Fairmont to junction with No. 16 near Madelia, which with pavements on other routes will make continuous hard surface as far southwest as Adrian.
Pave the new grade on T. H. No. 18 from Zimmerman to Milaca. With pavement built this year this will make continuous pavement to Omaha on this route.
Pave No. 20 from Chatfield to Fountain and Preston to the Iowa line. This with work already done or under contract will complete the paving of T. H. No. 20 (U.S. 55) and furnish a new short all-paved route from Minnesota points to Chicago.
Start paving T. H. No. 30 from the junction with paving on No. 8 to Bejou. This is a link in what will eventually be a paved route to Crookston via Detroit Lakes.
Extension of paving on T. H. No. 5 from present terminus south of Mankato, to Amboy.
The project on trunk highway No. 6 will necessitate the spreading of 128,620 square yards of concrete, and 174,000 cubic yards of excavation.
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