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1931: Local bankers only group not organized in state

Bits by Betty
Lead Summary
Betty Mann, president, Rock County Historical Society

The following appeared in The Rock County Star on October 30, 1931.
Bankers of Rock County Organize
         Organization of a Rock County Bankers’ Association was perfected at a meeting and banquet held at the Manitou hotel in Luverne Friday night. Until this organization was perfected, Rock county was the only county in the state not having a bankers’ association.
         Need for the organization was urgent because the Minnesota Bankers’ Association will pay two-thirds of the $1,000 reward for the capture of the Hardwick Bank robbers as soon as the rightful claimants to the reward have been established. Only two-thirds of the reward will be paid inasmuch as only two of the three robbers have been apprehended. Over a dozen claims for the reward have been made. The Rock county association will decide as to the rightful claimants.
Engebretson President
         John Engebretson, of the Kenneth State Bank, was elected president of the county organization, L. H. Bock, of the Exchange State Bank, of Hills, vice president, and C. D. Millard, of the Rock County Bank, secretary and treasurer. Other banks in the county are the Magnolia State Bank, Hardwick State Bank, and Kanaranzi State Bank.
         Donations to the Rock County Historical Society can be sent to the Rock County Historical Society, 312 E. Main Street, Luverne, MN 56156.
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