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1931: Christmas Seals campaign kicks off in Rock County

Bits By Betty
Lead Summary
Betty Mann, president, Rock County Historical Society

The following appeared in The Rock County Herald on November 27, 1931.
Sale of Christmas Seals Under Way
R. C. Engan Will Direct County Campaign; Adequate Supply of Attractive Stamps Available
Everything was in readiness for the official opening of the county-wide sale of double-barred cross Christmas seals, which started yesterday, simultaneously with that of the state and nation. R. C. Engan, Esq. is county campaign director, and precinct managers who are assisting are Mrs. A. J. Rauk, of Beaver Creek, and J M. Johnson, of Hills, Mr. Engan will have charge in Luverne.
Holiday festivity of “the good old days” has been chosen for the design of the Christmas seal commemorating the silver anniversary of the fight against tuberculosis. Pictured on the 1931 seal is an old-time stage coach drawn by four horses prancing in the snow. Aloft on the upper deck a passenger blows his horn to blazon Christmas greetings to the countryside.
Supplies for the Christmas seal sale have been received by Mr. Engan. Included in the package were thousands of Christmas seals, Christmas bonds, brilliant posters and window cards bearing the health coach as it passes merrily along its way to carry Christmas greetings to all.
Posters and window cards will appear in store windows and on billboards along the highways of the state this week, inviting everyone to enter the fight against tuberculosis through the purchase of Christmas seals.
Seals in the municipalities will be sold by house-to-house canvas, through the mail and its booths. In rural sections, where health habits are being taught in the schools through an educational program financed by the sale of Christmas seals, the seal sales will be conducted by the school children, with the teachers in charge.
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