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1922: The chase is on for a 200-pound buck

Bits by Betty
Lead Summary

The following appeared in the Rock County Herald on November 17, 1922:
E.W. Brown Shoots Fine Buck near Ashcreek After Exciting Chase—Deer Discovered in Pasture
Deer hunting is not on the calendar of regular sports in Rock county but it is not impossible to indulge in this sport here on occasion.
Leastwise, E.A. & E.W. Brown brought in a 200-pound buck yesterday afternoon, which they killed near their farm in Clinton township yesterday afternoon following an exciting chase. The trophy of the hunt is now at the New meat market and is the object of considerable curiosity and speculation.
Early yesterday afternoon E.W. Brown went to the pasture on the river at the Brown farm half a mile north of Ashcreek to count some cattle, and while there he ran across a deer. Having neither license or gun, he secured Ed. Smith, who operates a part of the Brown farm, to watch the deer while he hurried to Luverne to secure a license and a high-powered rifle.
Accompanied by his father, E.A. Brown, he rushed back to the farm, where they took up the trail and after a mile and a half chase across country were able to get close enough to the deer for “Ned” to shoot him.
According to reports the deer was first seen early yesterday morning near Kenneth, and was again seen later in the morning at what is known as the old LaDue farm a mile south of Luverne, where it stayed long enough for Gay Maxwell, who operates the farm, to secure a picture of it. The deer was also seen by Mrs. Bert Haakenson, south of Maxwell’s, where it was in a pasture with some cattle.
The animal was apparently traveling from the northeast, but whether it came from the north woods or escaped from some park is not known.
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