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1922: Businesses gather for bargain day sale

Bits by Betty
Lead Summary
Betty Mann, Rock County Historical Society president

The following appeared in the Rock County Herald on May 5, 1922:
Next Wednesday, May 10th, Will Be Big Bargain Sale Day in Luverne
Sixty-one Business Houses Join in Holding Community Sale Day, All to Offer Special Bargains in Seasonable Merchandise
Sixty-one of the business houses of Luverne have united for the purpose of making next Wednesday, May 10, a community sale day — a day of unexcelled bargains for those who wish to buy.
Almost without exception, each one of the sixty-one business places will quote unusually low prices on at least one article of their stock in trade, and in most instances prices have been slashed deeply on several articles of seasonable demand.
In short, the day will be one when rock-bottom prices prevail on innumerable necessities of life, but to definitely ascertain just how great a saving will be possible to shoppers, one must turn to the double page advertisement which appears elsewhere in this issue and carefully read the uniformly sized announcements in which the different concerns make their bid or patronage.
Genuine, money saving prices are the fundamental principle back of the project, and the present plans provide for holding one similar event each month throughout the summer and fall, if the plan proves satisfactory.
In keeping with the plan of having the stores remain open Wednesday evening, which was inaugurated this week, the business places will be open in the evening on Community sale day for the accommodation of those who are not served during the day.
The evening, however, will not be the most advantageous time to profit by the special prices, for this is really arranged for as recreation period, and following the supper hour an open-air concert will be given and a pavement dance held. Matinee picture programs will be shown at both theatres during the afternoon at greatly reduced prices for the entertainment of those who finish their trading early.
But the predominating contention is that it’s going to pay for everyone to shop in Luverne next Wednesday.
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