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1905: Recipe meant to save 'beautiful shade trees' in Luverne

Bits By Betty
Lead Summary
Betty Mann, president, Rock County Historical Society

The following appeared in The Rock County Herald on January 20, 1905.
To Save Our Shade Trees
Danger From Scale Insects
Remedy Recommended by Prof. Washburn Which Should be Applied While Trees are Bare
I wish to call the attention of the city council, the owners of trees near the city hall and all others who are interested in the beautiful shade trees for which Luverne is noted, to the condition of the Maple trees near the city hall.
Perhaps it is not realized that the eggs from the scale infesting those trees have scattered and now cover all the other young trees in that vicinity.
I took Prof. Washburn to see them when I had him here last summer. He recommended that the trees be trimmed back and the branches burned. That would have destroyed the most of the bugs.
Then he recommended that the trees be sprayed with a solution of lime, sulphur and salt while the trees are bare to kill the eggs. This solution will not do when the trees are in leaf.
The formula follows:
Quick lime, 50 pounds; sulphur, 50 pounds; salt, 50 pounds; water, 150 gallons.
Shake the lime thoroughly, then add the sulphur; cover with water and boil briskly for at least one hour, then add the salt and boil for 15 to 20 minutes longer; add water to make 150 gallons. Apply with spray pump.
Very truly,
C. E. Older
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