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What is the greatest need in church today?

Built on a Rock
Pastor Walt Moser, First Baptist Church, Luverne

I searched the internet for what other people believe is the greatest need in the church today and found a variety of answers.  One person said we have a false idea about who Jesus is, another said we don’t understand the holiness of God, another said discipleship, another said we don’t really know who Jesus is and live accordingly.
All the answers I saw reflected a broken or tattered relationship with God. We do not understand and/or practice what God says.
I invited our church to read though the entire Bible in 2022. We started in Genesis and are now reading in the minor prophets.
There has been a repeated theme as we read. Adam and Eve wanted more and turned to the forbidden fruit. They were hoping for something more but found only brought-on grief. During Noah’s time frame the whole world turned away from God, and God finally executed judgment on the sin-filled people. As Moses led the children of Israel out of Egypt toward the promised land, it began with their great excitement in the greatness of God but was soon lost in complaining and discontentment.
The behavior of people is repeated over and over again in the books that follow Exodus. Isaiah, Jeremiah and the numerous other writers of the minor prophets chanted the mantra, “Repent and follow God.  If you fail to repent, God will judge you.” Over and over the people of Israel failed to listen even though God always provided a means for forgiveness and reconciliation.
God continually extended hope. But God held them accountable.
What is the greatest need of the church? The people I read on the internet expressed it in different ways, but the short message is to know God and live for Him.
Many people going to church today seldom read their Bible during the week. If the only time you open your Bible is Sunday at church, you will miss many things God has for you.
If your lawyer only opened a law book one day a week and read a page and put it away again until next week, would you want that person to represent you in court? No, because they don’t know the law of the land. 
The greatest need in the church today is for people to “Study to show yourself approved to God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, correctly understanding (applying) the word of truth. (2 Timothy 2:15)

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