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A stubborn good

Built on a Rock
Pastor Jeremy Wiersema, Reformed Church of Steen

Do you know what you believe? How committed are you to what you believe?
Those are extremely important questions for us to consider.
Most Midwesterners like myself have a tendency to be stubborn. Oftentimes people think being stubborn is a bad thing, but I don’t see it that way. I believe that there is good stubborn and there is bad stubborn.
Bad stubborn is often seen in kids when they won’t listen to their parents, or it is seen in adults who foolishly continue doing what they are doing even though they know it is wrong.
There is also good stubborn. Good stubborn is knowing what you believe and why. It is refusing to give into peer pressure. Good stubborn is refusing to compromise your faith. Good stubborn is being unwilling to compromise your principles to fit in. Good stubborn is being willing to work at something until the job is done. Good stubborn is being committed to God no matter what the cost.
In the book of Jude, God warns us to be on our guard and encourages us to be good stubborn. The book of Jude describes godless men in this way. They are certain people whose condemnation was written about long ago. They have slipped in among the church. They have advanced the idea of changing the grace of our God into a license for immorality and deny Jesus Christ as our only sovereign Lord.
This should be concerning to all of us. This means there are people who are taking God’s teachings and twisting them to use for their own advantage.
We have to be careful not to be distracted or fooled by the efforts of these godless teachers. This means we have to invest our time and energy into studying the truth.  We have to focus on being good stubborn or we will find ourselves easily swayed.
It is so important for us all to know exactly what we believe and what we profess. This means we have to become everyday students of the Bible. We have to read and study God’s Word so that we can know it in our heads, hearts, and in our souls. In doing so we will become confident in what we believe and our stubborn nature will work in our favor.

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