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Get ’er done

Built on a rock
Ron Nichols, pastor, Grace Lutheran Church, Luverne

The phrase “get ’er done” is one we’ve heard often over the last few years. This phrase has gained popularity over the years by actor Daniel Lawrence “Larry” Whitney, better known as “The Cable Guy.” You can buy clothing and baseball caps sporting this phrase. Whitney has even written a book by the same title.
If I’m right, Larry the Cable Guy uses this phrase as motivation to simply go about the business at hand. Don’t procrastinate! “Get ’er done.”
In essence this is the message of our Gospel text from Mark 4:26-29. Yes, we should “get ’er done.”
In this parable Jesus points out that the seed sower notices the obvious: the seed sprouts and grows, but does not know how the seed does this. It’s not necessary to understand how the seed grows. It just does.
Next comes the harvest, and the “get ’er done” part. The harvest has come now, get to it. This is what the sower does when the grain is ripe.
This parable, like all parables, has significant symbolic references. The “Good News” of Jesus is the seed. This seed grows in believers and develops faith. The harvest is the gathering of souls to build and develop the Kingdom of God on earth.
Jesus scatters the seed of the “Good News.” We do the same with our words and deeds. What if no one scatters the seeds? There will be no harvest.
I believe Jesus simply uses this parable to give incentive to all his believers to sow the seed. Simply, “get ’er done.” We don’t know how God grows the seed in each person. We don’t need to know. We just know the seed grows when planted.
Let us always be sowers of the Gospel seed with our words and deeds. Let us always “get ’er done.”

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