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Don't run on 'E'

Built on a Rock
Pastor Bob Junak, Rock River Community Church, Luverne

Who remembers the days, maybe back in high school, when we would all chip in money for gas? Man, it seemed like $5 would get you around all weekend. Not so much anymore.
This one time a group of us were on our way to the gas station for a weekend excursion. I don’t remember what we had planned, but I’m certain it wasn’t good. Anyway, the station was in our sights, the car chugged, and we ran out of gas. My buddy put it in neutral and started coasting. I remember thinking, if only this were the “Flintstones” we could drop our feet thru the floor and run like crazy! But, no … we stopped, got out and pushed the car the rest of the way. We learned a lesson to keep the tank full or at least keep the needle from bouncing on “E.”
I think the same thing happens to us spiritually. We need to be aware of the level of our spiritual tank. We want to avoid running low causing unnecessary wear and tear on our hearts and souls. Think about it. Our cars need fuel to keep running as do our spirits. It’s very important not to let your spiritual tank bounce on “E.” When we get down to mere vapors in our tank, we get tired and in our exhaustion is when the enemy attacks. He is waiting there, doing everything he can do just to keep us from filling up. Be vigilant to keep your spirit full, because we can’t step thru the floor like Fred and Barney to keep going.
Spend time with God through prayer, reading his word, and worship. Get out of the house and go to church, in your car … full of gas! Hang out with other believers. Do what you can to stay full. Pay attention to your personal spiritual gauge; don’t be comfortable with just glancing at it occasionally, assuming it has enough to get you through.
I had a truck with a broken gas gauge. I relied on how many miles I could go between fill-ups. Of course, I miscalculated one time and ran out of gas. Maybe this is how you have been spiritually; you’ve miscalculated how much is left in your spiritual tank and you’re not totally ready when the enemy attacks.
Isn’t this like the story of the ten virgins? Five virgins brought extra oil for their lamps and five did not. It would appear the five that didn't have enough oil seemed to have it together spiritually. Their lamps were burning.  But they didn't burn long. 
"The foolish ones took their lamps but did not take any oil with them."  (Matthew 25:3)
They kept only enough oil to keep their lamps burning for a little while. But the wise girls were ready.
"The wise, however, took oil in jars along with their lamps." (Matthew 25:4)
They brought extra oil along so when their tank ran low, they filled it back up again. Which is why we need to be filled spiritually so we are ready, no matter what happens.
In Jesus’ parable, the bridegroom didn’t come right away as was expected. The five who were unprepared ran out of oil and had to go out to buy some more. While they were gone, the bridegroom arrived. When the five girls got back, the door was closed, and they couldn’t participate in the celebration.
God doesn't always arrive when we expect him to either. Like the five wise virgins, we need to have enough fuel for today and for tomorrow and the day after that.

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