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Accommodations for afterlife

Built on a Rock
Pastor Anthony Palmquist, Bethany Luverne Church

Sometime very soon, you — yes, you — will be whisked away into eternity for your afterlife. The afterlife — that's more than just a weekend away. That's more than just a short vacation lasting a week or two, or even a month. That's something that will last forever and ever!
It would seem like everybody should be thinking about their accommodations for the afterlife. After all, we're fussy about where we spend even just our weekends. We're fussy about where we go for those little vacations that only last a week or two.  We're fussy about what seat we have on the airplane. We're fussy about what hotel we stay at, and how big the room is, and whether the linens and towels are clean. We're fussy about what meals we eat, what attractions we see, and whether or not we get good photos of the whole thing.
Why then would anyone be careless about their eternal accommodations for the afterlife?  Well, maybe some people think they're doing fine in preparing for the afterlife themselves. A look into our lives and into our hearts shows otherwise.  At times we are greedy, proud, lustful, disrespectful, impatient. ... Those are all sins.
People who die in their sins will not be happy with their accommodations in the afterlife. Scripture tells us that there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth (Matt. 8.12), where the fire is not quenched (Mark 9.48). And there's no front desk in hell where people can phone in their complaints.
That was going to be our fate. How can we possibly face death and judgment, and the afterlife?  Thankfully there are good, very good accommodations for us in the Lord Jesus. He lived out the perfect life for us that we should have lived. He gave Himself into suffering for us, even to the point of dying our death in order to pay for our rooms in heaven.
Yes, what a huge relief that all of our sins are forgiven in our Savior Jesus. Without Him there is nothing good. But when we're in Him, we have forgiveness for all sins and peace with God.  Because of Jesus we have a beautiful home in heaven with the Lord to look forward to. A place where we are free from sin, pain, suffering, and sadness. All of us need that. So please come at the Lord's invitation, to receive His forgiveness and new life! He loves you, He cares about you, and He wants the very best for you!

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