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1923: Beaver Creek residents purchase telephone system

Bits by Betty
Lead Summary
Betty Mann, Rock County Historical Society president

The following appeared in the Rock County Herald on January 12, 1923:
Favor Purchase of Present System from Private Company by Village by Vote of 67 to 12
By the decisive vote of 67 to 12, the people of Beaver Creek village declared in favor of the purchase of the telephone exchange of that place by the village at a special election held Tuesday.
The telephone system, which is known as The New Telephone Co., was offered to the village for $1,477.24, and the people voted on its purchase at this figure with the above stated results.
The present system, which is owned by local parties, has been out of commission for one reason or another, since about the first of May.
Experienced telephone men consider the plant an excellent one, however, and claimed that the equipment there would be ample for a town considerably larger than Beaver Creek.
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