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1922: Grocery prizes given at Palace

Lead Summary

The following appeared in the Rock County Herald on September 1, 1922:
The following prizes will be given between the first and second show Friday evening, featuring the County Grocery. The groceries to be given are purchased of Snook’s Grocery, and are all of superior quality:
1 sack Eaco flour, 1 pound Atwood coffee, 1 can peas, 11 pounds sugar, 1 can sardines, 1 package Quaker oats, 1 pound package Palace tea, 1 pound crackers, 1 peck potatoes, 1 can Three Star brand corn, 1 can Sunkist peaches, 1 can Del Monte pineapple, 1 can salmon, 1 pound mixed cookies, 10 bars Crystal White laundry soap and 1 bar toilet soap, 3 bars Palm Olive soap, 1 high grade broom, 1 carton matches, 1 pound peanuts, 1 pound mixed candy.
Don’t miss the opportunity to see if you are lucky in winning one of the above prizes. There will be no increase in prices for the show and the above articles are Given Away Free if you hold the right number.
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