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On the Record Aug. 11-16, 2023

Dispatch report
Aug. 11
•A warrant was issued on 29th Street in Slayton.
•Complainant on 60th Avenue, Beaver Creek, reported property damage.
•Complainant on S. Kniss Avenue reported a disorderly.
•Complainant westbound on Interstate 90, Luverne, reported debris.
Aug. 12
•Complainant on E. Dodge Street reported an individual disturbing the peace.
Aug. 13
•Complainant on Highway 270 and 80th Avenue, Hills, reported an abandoned vehicle.
•Complainant in Luverne reported training in session.
•Complainant on S. Kniss Avenue reported suspicious activity.
•Complainant on N. Kniss Avenue reported a driving complaint.
•Complainant on W. Hatting Street reported suspicious activity.
Aug. 14
•Complainant south-bound on Highway 23 from Jasper reported a driving complaint.
•A warrant was issued on N. Cedar Street.
•Complainant on 200th Avenue and 221st Street, Kenneth, reported debris.
•Complainant on N. Oakley Street reported a civil issue.
Aug. 15
•Complainant on N. Kniss Avenue reported a fire.
•Complainant on 170th Avenue reported a civil issue.
•Complainant on Koehn Avenue reported theft.
•Complainant on Freeman and Main reported a lost child.
•Complainant on S. Kniss Avenue reported a road and drive law issue.
Aug. 16
•Complainant on 41st Street, Ellsworth, reported an abandoned vehicle.
•Complainant on E. Warren Street reported motor vehicle theft.
•Complainant on 60th Avenue from 161st Street, Luverne, reported a driving complaint.
•Complainant on E. Hatting Street reported trespassing.
•Complainant reported suspicious activity.
In addition, officers responded to 1 deer accident, 1 transport, 1 escort, 17 ambulance runs, 2 paper services, 2 animal complaints, 1 fingerprint request, 2 burn permits, 1 background check, 2 alarms, 2 purchase and carry permits, 1 stalled vehicle, 43 traffic stops, 2 abandoned 911 calls, 2 tests, 4 welfare checks, 1 report of cattle out.

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