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'Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle again'

We have choices in this pandemic.

Luverne and Rock County have always been leaders in our little corner of the state on policies ranging from schools, the environment, agriculture and most recently the census (we’re leading the state right now in data response).
Now, dear readers, we must again step up and be leaders.
Our governor has issued mandates and our local businesses and governments are following through.
But just 30 miles to the west, there’s apparently no risk of disease, because many Sioux Falls bars, restaurants and other businesses remain open to the public. The mall is closed, but we heard weekend reports of full parking lots at Menards, Walmart and other big-box-type stores. Shoppers lined up at cash registers, and diners and drinkers were elbow to elbow at bars and restaurants.
As if there’s no pandemic, and no CDC warnings about staying home in order to “flatten the curve” of hospitals being overwhelmed when the tidal wave of sick people comes in.
The “open for business” Sioux Falls means customers who may know better may still choose to expose themselves to the virus, and by doing so will put their families, neighbors and community members also at risk.
What this means for us in Rock County is that we may also choose to do business in Sioux Falls. And, of course, this will put our families, neighbors and community members also at risk.
Please, please, dear Rock County residents. Don’t do this. Please stay home. Please don’t bring the virus into our little community. Please think outside of yourself and think about the fact that you may have no symptoms at all while sharing the germs that might ultimately kill someone you care about.
Now more than ever we need to be leaders. Stay home. If you can’t stay home, keep your distance. Wash your hands constantly and don’t touch your eyes, nose and mouth. And be considerate, compassionate and patient.
We can do this, Rock County, but we all need to

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