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Voice of Our Readers Feb. 10, 2022

Fick: 'We can disagree and still be friends'
To the Editor:
My opinion, as I see it.
Is lack of knowledge and misinformation costing our country thousands of lives?
How many lives have died from the Covid vaccine? Never heard.
A vaccine is not 100 percent effective, but lessens the seriousness of a disease.
Where has our respect for our authorities gone? What are we teaching our youth by example?
Has lying, even under oath, become a very powerful tool? Even in our government, destroying our democracy.
Difference of opinion and compromise are good for society, normally resulting in intelligent results. Since when are death threats needed as a source of persuasion?
We gave our previous administration four plus years to get us where we are. Is it fair to expect the current administration to have everything back in order in one year.
It seems to me our representatives in Washington should live by our rules, be intelligently productive or you get your two-week notice.
We should expect our medical problems be taken care of by trained scientists, doctors and nurses. We should expect our trained and experienced mechanics to take care of our mechanical problems. We should expect our trained electricians to take care of our electrical problems. We should expect our news media to present facts, not rumors.
What would I say if I learned an electrician would be my heart doctor?
We can disagree and still be friends.
Robert Fick,Luverne

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