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Letters to the Editor Feb. 17, 2022

Hudson: "...if we the people stand up and say 'no more'
To the Editor:
My wife Robin was recently discharged from Minnesota Bank on 12/30/2021 for refusing to sign a Vaccine Verification form, and on 1/20/22 she was informed that her unemployment was declined for employee misconduct. So she was discharged one day before she would get her 401 and bonuses, and now she has been declined unemployment. This is not a surprise, as the state of this country and what more and more people have turned into has become an atrocity.
The vaccine has divided the people once again just the same way they are using racism, gender issues, and all other things to keep all the people divided and fighting.
What happened to our Constitutional rights to have a choice for your own life, health and well-being? I do not care who has or has not gotten the vaccine, as it is none of my business nor anyone else’s. These are the rights Robin was standing up for, something that most people have forgotten.
To the people who are vaccinated and look down their noses at the ones who are not, shame on you. Who are you to judge? I would like to know how many people in a government position took money from federal and state to try to force the vaccine when there is absolutely no proof that the vaccine was safe. Fauci and the CDC have been caught lying so many times if they were Pinocchio they would need a 55-foot trailer to haul their noses around.
What Minnwest did to my wife, just remember it is coming to a store near you. This can be fixed if we the people stand up and say “no more,” but the government has made so many people dependent on their welfare, privileges, and entitlements that everyone is scared to say anything.
I will not sit back and let these people get by with this behavior. I will confront them and try to get changes done. Hopefully I will not be alone.
Randy Hudson,

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